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Procedures done on dogs and cats are challenging for a variety of reasons, one being that they often don't want to be still while doctors and staff are trying to help the animal. They also have a level of stress that comes from being in an unfamiliar environment. Because of this, the use of anesthesia is a beneficial way to give pets the care they need.

The safety of your pet under anesthesia is our top priority. In order to facilitate surgery, all patients are monitored by registered veterinary technicians and surgical suites are equipped with:

  • Surgery table warmers and Bair Hugger patient warming systems
  • Vmed Vetguard plus wireless patient monitoring system
  • Doppler blood pressure monitoring
  • DRE veterinary ventilator system
  • Eagle Eye Anesthesia systems

The use of anesthesia is safe, and we are expertly trained in administering it and caring for patients that are under. If you have any concerns about anesthesia for your pet, please contact us today. We would be happy to speak with you and assuage any fears you may have.

After Hour Services

Please contact us if you have an emergency, and we will do our best to help you through this frightening and stressful time. Emergencies can be a terrible experience for pets and pet owners, so we promise to communicate with you and make the process less stressful.

We also offer emergency surgery as well as critical care. Please attempt to call ahead in case of an emergency to alert us to the situation and allow us to prepare.


Here at Baton Rouge Veterinary Specialists, we are happy to offer rehabilitation services to our patients.

After some surgeries (especially orthopedic and neurological surgeries) and certain injuries, some pets have problems with their balance, strength, and movement. In these instances and others, pets benefit from rehabilitation services.

Pets with arthritis and other forms of pain also can benefit from rehabilitation. These pets often have limited mobility and can find different forms of rehabilitation helpful.

We offer many different types of rehabilitation services, including laser therapy, and much more. We use these things to help your pets regain their strength and agility much more quickly than if they did not have therapy.

Rehabilitation is very personalized, so one of our doctors will meet with you and your pets to determine the best course of action for your pets. We will come up with a plan to help your pets reach whatever goals you have set for them.

If you have any questions about our therapy program or think your pets will benefit, please contact us.

Learn more about Healing Your Pet With Laser Therapy

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